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Frequently Asked Questions

How are estimates calculated?


Our quoting system is designed based on years of cleaning experience and takes into account:


●  The type of clean

●  The overall size of your home

●  The time required to clean it thoroughly

●  Fair payment for our cleaners

For a more detailed discussion, we are also happy provide quotes over the phone or in person at your home. Just give our friendly staff a call to arrange!

Our quotes are based on the size of your home and in all cases we assume one living area, hallways and a small laundry. There are options within the quoting screen to add additional rooms if you require.


Please note that although we do our best to quote accurately, if our cleaners feel they need more time once they arrive and see your house in detail, they will simply discuss with you whether you would like them to focus on what can be done within the time limit, or whether you would like to increase the allotted time. On the same account if they feel your clean requires less time they will advise us and your quote will be adjusted accordingly. This is fairly common once we have done a few cleans of the home.

If your house requires a deeper clean, we can tailor a quote to suit your needs. Sometimes all it takes is one longer clean and then you can move to our general cleaning services.


How long will my clean be?

When you obtain an online quote you will be advised of how long the clean is expected to take. Time and prices are based on total cleaning hours. For example, if one cleaner performs the clean, it will take the number of hours stated. With a team of 2 cleaners, half the time will be required however total cleaning hours remains the same (example: 2 cleaners x 2 hours = 4 cleaning hours).

Can I book a number of hours instead?

Of course! If you would rather book a certain number of hours please complete the quote form based on the size of your house, however in the comments advise that you would like a specific number of hours. This is a good option for those who would like the cleaner to focus on certain areas each clean (rather than clean the whole house every time). 

What do the cleans include?


  • Wipe down all surfaces within the bedrooms, this includes window sills and counters/table tops.

  • All furniture items will be dusted and wiped clean.

  • Blinds will be dusted.

  • Vacuum and clean under any rugs provided they can be moved.

  • The bedroom will then be finished off with a thorough vacuum or mop depending on the floor type. 



  • All basins,mirrors,bathtubs and counter tops will be cleaned.

  • Bathtubs and taps as well the bath surrounds cleaned.

  • All parts of the shower (Screen,Tiles,Taps) which will be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Toilets will be well cleaned inside and out.

  • Floors swept and well mopped.

  • Blinds will be dusted.



  • We will wipe all counter tops.

  • Blinds will be dusted.

  • Wipe down all small appliances (toaster, coffee machine, etc).

  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave.

  • The inside an outside of the sink will be cleaned as well as surrounding areas and tapware.

  • Wipe down and clean the stove top and any range hoods.

  • Wipe down the stove front.

  • All cabinets and kitchen tables and chairs will also be wiped down and cleaned.

  • The kitchen will then be finished with sweeping and mopping the floors.

Living Spaces  


  • Dust and vacuum the furniture and floors as well as under any throw cushions.

  • All furniture will be cleaned and dusted/vacuumed as well as under throw cushions.

  • All surfaces will be wiped down such as TV Cabinets etc.

  • All floors will be finished with a sweep/mop and a vacuum depending on the floor type.

  • Blinds will be dusted.

  • All window sills be wiped clean.

If the cleaner is able to complete the above with time remaining they will focus the remaining time on a particular area. For example if you are having a weekly/fortnightly clean and time allows, they will clean additional areas more deeply and rotate these areas each week/fortnight. If you wish them to focus this time on a particular area please feel free to let them know.

Your cleaner will complete a checklist and leave this with you after every clean. The checklist will detail what has been completed, any extra tasks the cleaner was able to do in the time allowed, as well as any comments.

Click here to see an example of  the checklist.

What does the general clean not include?

General cleans do not include the following:

  • Internal Oven Cleaning

  • Making/changing beds

  • Putting away clothes or other items on the floor etc.

  • Laundry services (ironing & washing)

  • Dish washing

  • Cleaning of blinds

  • Wiping TV or computer screens

  • Cleaning of work/office desks

  • Extractor fan cleaning

  • Scrubbing of grout

  • Anything regarded as a deep or spring clean, such as removing mold/mildew or embedded stains on any surfaces.

These services can be requested at an additional cost based on the time required. Please contact us if you require any of the above services and we can tailor a quote to suit your needs. 

Do I need to provide anything?

Our cleaners will arrive with all the items and products required to clean your home. If you have anything that you specifically want them to use please let them know when they arrive for the first clean. We do ask customers to provide a toilet brush for hygiene reasons. We also ask if you have pets (especially dogs) if you could please provide your own vacuum cleaner.

Do I need to meet my cleaners?


It is recommended that you meet your cleaners at your first service so that you can discuss your expectations. It is important that our cleaners understand what is important to you!


After your first clean, you may certainly arrange access for your cleaner while you are not home. You are welcome to give your cleaner a key or leave it in a lock box or safe location. We vet all of our cleaners so this can be done with confidence.

What if something is damaged?


We strive to provide the best service possible. Our experienced cleaners are background and referenced checked, and always take the utmost care not to damage anything in your home. However, in the instance that accidental breakage or damage occurs, rest assured that all our cleaners are covered by public liability insurance and we will ensure that the situation is handled quickly and professionally.

Will I have the same cleaner every time?


We strive for consistency and want you to develop a comfortable relationship with your cleaner. For this reason we will always strive to schedule you the same cleaner.


If your regular cleaner is away, a fill-in cleaner will be scheduled so we can provide you uninterrupted service.


If you are unhappy with your cleaner, please let us know! We will find you a replacement that better suits your needs.


Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We sincerely care what you think and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy with our service. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us by phone or email. We will arrange for your cleaner to contact you to discuss any unsatisfactory areas and work towards a resolution. If you are present during your clean, please address any issue with your cleaner while they are at your home as they will be more than happy to resolve any issues right away for you.

​If you have any further questions that are not answered here please give us a call or email us today!

If you have any questions that are not answered in these FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us using the button below.

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