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Our Services

Do you know which ‘eco friendly’ products your cleaners use? What does ‘eco friendly’ or ‘green’ actually mean? The truth is, the term is not regulated and is often just a buzz word for marketing . To us, eco-friendly products keep both environmental and human safety in mind. They are at the core of our values. We provide 100% transparency to which products we use to demonstrate this dedication.

Our process

  • Obtain an instant quote online, then select a preferred date and time with our easy-to-use booking system.

  • A cleaner will be selected for you from our pool of friendly professionals.

  • Receive an email confirming your booking has been staffed and is ready to go!

  • Your cleaner starts on your selected date and time.

  • At your first service, your cleaner will discuss the clean with you in more detail including any special requests. We want to make sure you needs are met!

  • An invoice is sent directly to your inbox once your clean has been completed.

  • Pay online using our easy to use payment system.

If you prefer less technology in your life, we are more than happy to provide quotes over the phone or in person. Just give our friendly staff a call!

Our service

Your ongoing weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning service includes (but is not limited to):


✓  Dusting

✓  Sweeping

✓  Vacuuming

✓  Mopping

✓  Kitchen cleaning

✓  Bathroom cleaning


We supply all products and required equipment. For a full detail of what is included in our general cleaning service, please see our FAQ page.

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