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Pure Clean

Would you like to:

✓  Radically reduce cleaning chemicals in your home?

✓  Reduce your exposure to toxic fumes?

✓  Create a safer space for your and your family?


Then our Pure Clean is for you!

Our Pure Clean is performed using high quality Norwex products. Norwex aims to improve quality of life by helping to radically reduce chemicals in the home. Using just water, microfibre and enzyme based cleaners, your home is left clean and free of dust, dirt and allergens.This is a great option for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Norwex microfibres are extremely thin (1/200th the size of a human hair) and can hold up to seven times their weight in matter. They lift and collect even the smallest particles of dirt, grease, grime and dust up into the cloth and off the surface - versus traditional cotton cloths which simply push the particles around.​ Norwex cloths also have a unique feature of embedded micro silver. When used wet, the self-purification properties of the silver go to work against mould, fungi and bacterial odour.

In addition to microfibre, Norwex offers enzyme based cleaning products which are biologically and environmentally friendly, and free of phosphates, poisions, alkyl phenol ethoxylates and muriatric acids. Think ingredients such as coconut oil, marble flour, natural soap, organic salts and citric acid.


We are more than happy to provide further product information at your request. After all, it’s important to know what is going into your home!

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